Dunham Academy D&D

To Dragon and Beyond

Having mercilessly murdered all goblins in their path the party proceeded into a frosty room, led by Meepo. Inside they found a wyrmling white dragon who, tempted with the promise of cake, happily returned to the kobolds. Yusdrayl pointed them off towards the next room and they rushed off to certain XP. They soon found that the room was occupied, and they fought a close battle with the goblin leader and his underlings while kobold mages scried upon them and threw popcorn. They then proceeded to have a disturbing vision as they slept. A slender elven man walked through the woods, and then the seen vanished in a burst of fire. A female dwarf dressed with the trappings of royalty counted gold until it melted in her hands, destroyed by encroaching flame. A fiendish red dragon roared in exultation as fire rained down and the earth screamed in torment. The characters woke to the roar, and fire shot out of the shaft in the center of the room. With an explosion they were hurled down it and out into a side passage and it collapsed behind them. Upon exploring they saw luminescent fungi which half of them avoided and the other half tried to eat. Once their stomachs had settled they moved on, encountering more twig blights and a bugbear. This proved to much and before they could count to 734 backwards in Greek they were dead. (probably a lot before that.) They then found themselves in a strange place that seemed to be made of fire itself. A few people nearly killed themselves by blowing up pieces of the floor and walls. They went forward to meet a kobold wyrmpriest, and managed to place four orbs in their sockets while dodging his deadly attacks.



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