Dunham Academy D&D

Fail Under the Mountain

With Belak dead and their first adventure completed, the party headed back to town to rest and find their next task. With the help of a merchant friend they were able to decode an ancient dwarven map found in the sunless citadel which led them to the town of Blasingdell at the foot of an orc infested mountain. Apparently the ancient stronghold of Durgeddin the Black, a dwarf weaponsmith of legend, lay within. After recovering from a savage tiefling ambush on their caravan and the antics of a dwarf named Cancel they set off to find the famed treasure of Khundrakar. On their way they were joined by an annoying (and metagaming) half orc called Chaincrush of the North and a not-so-friendly drow rouge named Alendas. Then into the mountain to face the dangers withing.

Unfortunately these dangers proved too great, as half of the party was killed falling off a bridge while being shot with arrows. Nevertheless they persevered, finding new allies to replace the ones they lost. Through traps and battles, failed balance checks and more, they made their way deep into the bowels of the earth. Sped along a little by a helpful DM, they made their way to an iron door leading further into uncharted territory. Alas, for the last PC met his death in the chamber beyond, opening a trapped door only to be cut in two by the ready axe.



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